wake vs woke vs waked vs woken

If you are waking up in the present or future use “wake“.

I wake up every morning at 8 am. (future)



If you woke up in the past use “woke“. *

I woke up late this morning. (past tense- it already happened)

She woke up early Christmas morning.

If your waking is conditional (may or may not happen or have happened) use “woken” with a helping verb.

I could have woken up earlier.

She would have woken up on time if her alarm had gone off.

He has woken up late every day this week.

* There is some recent argument that the word “waked” can now be used in the place of “woke” in the past tense.  This has not been widely agreed upon by the grammarians of the world. I personally think it is a horrendous idea and seeing as how this is my website I am saying not to ever use it. It sounds trashy.

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What if the only requirement to get into heaven is, in fact, good grammar? You should all be thanking me for trying to save your eternal souls from damnation!

2 responses to “wake vs woke vs waked vs woken”

  1. Ted Taylor says :

    I thought your explanation of “wake vs woke vs waked vs woken” was excellent. Is yours a British or American English site?
    I notice you place periods outside the closing quotes—a big no-no in American English (with which I happen to agree, in this case; usually I side with “Realm” usage).
    What are your thoughts on “snuck” vs. “sneaked”? How about “dove” vs. “dived”?
    Austin, Texas

    • LA Clark says :

      I am American but rebelling against the period inside quotes. If it was good enough for Shakespeare than it is good enough for me.
      I will add “snuck vs sneaked” and “dove vs dived”. I always appreciate new ideas. Thank you.

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